Hesed: God’s Loyal Love

Hesed: God’s Loyal Love

The Lord passed in front of him and proclaimed: The Lord—the Lord is a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger and abounding in faithful love and truth,

Ex. 34:6

Is God different in the OT vs. NT

When God chose this moment in the Biblical narrative to describe Himself to humanity through this interaction with Moses, He could have used many different descriptive words.  He could have said, “I am the Lord God, harsh and demanding.”  He could have been like the wizard in the “Wizard of Oz” by declaring Himself as “I am the great and powerful God!”  He could have used many different descriptions, but God chose to reveal Himself as He did in Ex 34:6.  Why?

When we talk about God, some people talk about the Old Testament God and the New Testament God as being different.   The God of the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament can seem to be harsh and wrathful.  There were times when the people of the Old Testament strayed from God, and consequences came.  That is true.  But here, when God declares who He is, he uses some amazing words.  He says, “the Lord is a compassionate and gracious God” So let us think about that thought for a minute.  How about this phrase, God “abounds in faithful love.”  Now, as we dive into this phrase, we will see an amazing truth about God that will help us as we navigate our relationship with Him.  

What is Hesed?

The word that is translated to “faithful love” is the Hebrew word “Hesed.”  This is a word that can easily lose its full meaning through translation.  This word is translated in other places as “kindness,” “faithfulness,” “mercy,” “goodness,” “loyalty,” and “steadfast love.”  All these are great translations, and they are not wrong.  The full meaning of this word has to do with a love that is not dependent on the object of the love, but it is more descriptive of the one doing the loving.  This word carries the idea of a loyal love that is always available whether the recipient is worthy or receptive to the one giving the love.   This word also carries the idea that the one who is loving is bound by their own nature to love.

God’s Loyal love for the Israelites

The story of the children of Israel is a prime example of the loyal or faithful love of God.  As the Bible story unfolds, the children of Israel are constantly in a state of straying away from God and returning to God.  Hmm, sound personally familiar?  The amazing thing is that God is always there to receive them back when they return to Him.  This happens over and over in the Old Testament.  You see, God’s loyal love gave them the ability to return.  God’s faithful and loyal love allows us to return to Him too.  If God’s love for us was not loyal, we could never find our way back to Him.  God never gives up on us because He cannot give up on us.  It is not in the nature of who He is.  His “Hesed” or loyal love always provides a road for any prodigal to come home, any person who gets caught up in this crazy world, any person who just forgot to acknowledge God this week, or any person that has just lost their way.  The road back to God is paved by His loyal love.  God’s loyal love is the reason Jesus came.

Jesus is our Hesed

But God proves his own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

Jesus is the word “Hesed” in the flesh.  He is the one who loved us first because it’s God’s nature to have steadfast love.  While we were away from God doing our own thing and living our own way, Jesus died for us.  You see, God loves you and pursues you whether you return His love or not. 

Are you struggling? God is not waiting for you to become perfect His attitude toward you is loyal love.  Do you need to return to God?  Turn back to God, and you can rest assured that God’s loyal love is waiting for you.  



We had just finished the demo part the remodeling of a building our church had rented for office and meeting space.  The demo is always the best part of any remodel process.  Tearing up old ugly carpet, removing walls, and tearing out old baseboards.  That only took a couple of days.  But then the building back process begins.  Over the years of our church, we have done our share of tear out and remodeling.  I know the process all too well.  On that morning to begin the process of 2800 square feet of flooring I became aware of how long this process this would take.  First the painting then the flooring, then the finishing trim, then the purchasing of furniture.   All of it came to me in a moment.  I was overwhelmed!  I have done this before and the process of doing the work and all my other responsibilities was weighing heavy on me.  Beginning the process was not what I wanted to do.  Some of the project we would hire out but some we would do ourselves.  That morning on the drive in I wanted to just turn around and go back to bed.   I am usually an upbeat and positive guy.  I am a man of faith after all.   That morning I felt like neither one of those.  Discouragement reigned!  I walked in the door, saw the two other guys that were helping and thought “pull it together David, you are the leader”.   That at least got me to the first room we were to begin flooring.  I got down on all fours and grabbed the first plank of flooring and laid it down.  Then I laid the next, then the next, then the next.  I didn’t look up until that room was done.  Several times I chipped a plank or put it down wrong.  I would just pick it up grab another plank and put that one down.   My thoughts were never allowed to say, “this is going to take forever”. I refused discouragement.  With every plank I gained momentum and with every plank I got closer to the end.  But I concentrated on that one plank to put down.  As I write this article I am sitting in my nice new office with beautiful floors, painted walls and great furniture.   The finished project is amazing and better than I had hoped.  But it took longer than expected and more work than I anticipated but it is done! 

How many times have we gotten ourselves in a mess or life throws us a curve ball?  We find ourselves thousands in debt, in addiction, marriage trouble, overweight, or any other of life’s troubles.  The thought of digging ourselves out seems overwhelming.   The thought of starting seems to be insignificant compared to what we are up against.  What we want to do and what we need to do seems like miles apart.  When we look at the entirety of a problem or situation is when we begin to feel overwhelmed.  The solution is always in the doing of the mundane work.  The non-glamourous normal work is how the problem is solved.  The great news is that God is all about the process.  He says He will never leave you or abandon you.  Invite God in the process.  He is always there.  Ask for His help and strength during the process.  Tell Him when you are tired.  Tell Him when you feel it is taking too long.  He can handle it.  But also, celebrate the wins.  I am sitting at my desk right now in an office floored with individual planks.  Each plank matters.  Every plank represents a step to the goal.  Every win matters no matter if anyone sees it or not.  They all matter!  So, celebrate every step along the way.  Even if you celebrate it quietly between you and God! 

Be encouraged!  Don’t be overwhelmed with the thing ahead of you.  Let God give you His daily bread.  Enough for today.  Let tomorrow be tomorrow.  Look down at the floor plank in front of you and do that one thing.  The things you do right now matter, and they are accomplishing the goal! 

The Perfect Christmas Myth

The Perfect Christmas Myth

The holiday season is upon us again.  What does that thought stir in you?  For many of us, it is the pressure for the perfect Christmas.  What we would not do for the perfect Christmas season.   The beautiful decorations greet you as you drive up to your home.  As you walk into your home, the scent of pine sweeps you into Christmas euphoria.  The only thing that interrupts the pine smell is the whiff of a ham baking in the oven.  You are greeted with Christmas cheer by your children dressed in full Christmas attire!  With the sounds of holiday music playing, you recline in your comfy chair with your hot cider and dream of a white Christmas. 

            As you snap out of your dream state, you realize that your holiday season will not be the “Joanna Gaines” Christmas that you dreamed of.  Why do we put that pressure on ourselves to have the “Perfect Christmas”?  Why do our expectations of the holidays fall short of our experiences?  Could it be that other things drive our expectations?

            What are we searching for that drives us to do all these things?  To be sure, some people love the whole experience of the holidays, but other times it is caused by something else.  It could very well be that we are trying to capture something that we cannot attain by the craze of decorations.  Here are a couple of thoughts that may help you.

            Are we trying to relive our childhood memories?  Are we trying to recapture moments from the past?  One of the things I have learned along the way is that you can never recapture a past moment.  We tend to think that we will have the same results if we just do the same thing.  That may be true for some things, but it is hard to replicate feelings when trying to attach emotions with experiences.  Vacations are notorious for that.  How often have I tried to relive past experiences, and I left disappointed because I had those false expectations.  The holidays can be the same.  The truth is that God has new experiences for us.  He has new things He wants us to experience. God always wants us to experience new things.  Our life was never meant just to relive past experiences.  New things are His speciality.  So maybe this year you ask, “Lord, what do you want me to experience this Holiday season?”  He may want you to stay thankful.  He may say you need to enjoy the moments.  God has something He wants to do inside you this Christmas, and it is most likely different from last year. 

            Another reason we can get into the trap of the “perfect Christmas” myth is that we feel the pressure to impress others, or we fear that we will be judged by how well we “do” Christmas.   This isn’t a healthy way to enter the season.  I encourage you to enter this season with the question,  “What would give me peace?”  You cannot live your life according to the expectations of others. It’s easy to fall into the trap of living to impress.   This “keeping up with the Joneses” will drive you to exhaustion.  My suggestion is just to be you.  There are much more important things than your peace being stolen by the expectations of others.  Paul writes this in 2 Corinthians 10:12 “ But they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”  The scriptures warn us against comparing ourselves with others.  We need to be careful not to fall into this trap.  A flower does not care about the flower next to it.  It just blooms. 

Let’s dispel the “Perfect Christmas” myth.  Just enjoy the journey.  Remember the meaning behind it all.  Jesus came to Earth.  He came to show us His way of love.  Let this season be centered around Jesus.  Let us ever be reminded of God’s love for us, and let that fuel our love for others this Holiday season.  Enjoy this season, be content, be thankful, and be reflective as we approach 2022. 

“Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable Gift.” – 2 Corinthians 9:15

Is “This Lamb” Yours? by Joel Addison

The “Passover Lamb” they offered 

Yet not to be defiled, 

They wouldn’t enter the Praetorium 

Plotting evil all the while, 

     Religious leaders full of the law 

     Couldn’t see the innocence that Pilate saw 

Yet, fearing a riot and losing his position 

Quickly made pilate change his decision 

     Beaten, scourged, and humiliated 

     This “King of the Jews” they berated 

Jesus was offered gall to drink 

In order to numb His senses 

Instead the cup of God’s wrath He drank 

Bearing all our offenses!

     He hung on the cross 

     By the nails of our sin 

     And willingly died 

     That we might live again.

Dead in a tomb with no hope it seemed 

The disciples resolved to relinquish their dream.

     But Jesus arose and came to those 

     Confused and frightened ones

     Confirming His Ressurection 

     Giving the Great Commission 

Planting Seeds to Grow!

Planting Seeds to Grow!

Here in Georgia, the pine tree is king.  Take a hike in almost any park and you find yourself surrounded by pine trees.  More specifically you will be surrounded by the Loblolly pine.  These pine trees found in Georgia grow to about 80 feet tall.  While that is a tall tree,  the California Redwood dwarfs the Loblolly pine.  One Redwood in particular measured in at 380 feet.  Now that is a huge tree. The most amazing part is the size of the seed that it grows from.  The seed of Reedwood is about the size of a tomato seed.  That’s incredible.  The potential for that giant tree is in that tiny seed.  That little seed has the roadmap for making that tree.  Pretty impressive.  

Just like that tree, God’s special DNA is in you.  The hard truth is that what you do with that potential is up to you.  Just like a seed that is not planted will never become a Redwood, unless we do something with what God has given us we will not become what He intended.  This is a tough pill to swallow sometimes.  However, the good news is that just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that the potential is not there.  Listen to what the apostle Paul says about this subject.

Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.  Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. 

1 Timothy 4:14&15

Paul tells us Timothy received some kind of gifting.  He also tells him not to neglect it.  He then goes further and says to be diligent and give yourself wholly to it.  If you do, Timothy, everyone will see your progress.  It will be evident that you have that gifting.  Along with this comes the idea that if you are not giving yourself to it, no one will ever know it is there.  Ouch!  So just because the potential is there doesn’t mean it will automatically be experienced.  

So this year what are the things that you need to be diligent about?  What things do you need to give yourself wholly to?  What things do you need not to neglect?  Maybe you want to be a better parent this year.  Give yourself to it. Make it a priority.  Find a podcast or watch a video or even read a book on parenting.  Ask yourself what you can do to be a better parent.   Maybe there is someone you admire the way they parent,  reach out to them and have conversations with them.  Let it be something you think about.  When there is an area I want to grow in, I feed myself information about that.  Periodically I will listen to something or read something on being a better husband.  I do this so I can become better.  Not perfect, but better.  Most of the New Years’ resolutions fail because we stop giving ourselves to them.   The scriptural principle is that whatever you sow to you will reap.  

It comes down to the currency of our day.  It is not money.  The real currency of the day is time.  So what are we “spending” our time on?  Ok, time for true confessions, I love anything StarWars related.  I watch anything Star Wars related.  So guess what?  If you have any Star Wars questions, I can answer them.  If you want opinions about anything Star Wars related, I have way too many of them.  You could say that I, embarrassingly, have given my time to it.  Because I have given myself to it I know way too much about it.  What you give yourself to WILL grow whether good or bad.  

We can’t change what has happened already, so we are putting the past in our rearview mirror.  The past is the past.  We are going to do some proper seed planting.  We are going to be careful about what we plant.  We are going to give ourselves to the thing that we want to grow in.  This year we are going to see the potential of the seed in us grow.  This year we are going to be purposeful and see some changes.  Let us commit to growing so that everyone around us will see the change that is happening.  We may not all become perfect but we will grow when we give ourselves to growing the seed of greatness given by God to everyone.  Now is your moment and it is time to GROW!