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This Week at a Glance:

Thursday (5/16)

Friday (5/17)

Saturday (5/18)

  • 10 AM Honduras Missions Team Meeting (Hope Annex)

Sunday (5/19)

  • 10:30 AM Worship Service – Graduation Sunday (Sunday Worship Set Playlist)
  • 12:30 PM Prayer Team Interest Meeting (Hope Annex)
  • 5 PM Young Adults (Hope Annex)
  • 5 PM Converge Student Ministry (Senior Night)

Tuesday (5/21)

Wednesday (5/22)

Things to Know:

Neighbors Night of Worship [Thursday | May 16th | 7 PM]

Come out to support a local Gen Z Worship night. Dedicated to celebrating our shared faith as neighbors from diverse churches and communities under one roof to worship Jesus, we’re excited to open our doors to this passionate group of worshippers. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something special.

Graduation Sunday [Sunday | May 19th | During Worship Service]

Let us know (Graduation Recognition form) if you or someone known to you within our Hope Church community is graduating from High School, College, Technical or Trade School, or a Graduate Program. We want to acknowledge their achievement during the morning worship service on Sunday, May 19th

Prayer Team Interest Meeting [Sunday | May 19th | After Worship Service]

Discover the future of our prayer ministry at Hope! Join us in the Hope Annex after the morning worship service for a discussion led by Eric and Jessica Jones. We’re seeking wisdom and insight as the Holy Spirit moves and grows our church. All with a heart for prayer are welcome—whether you’re interested in altar teams, intercession, or the prayer room ministry. Can’t attend? Contact Jessica Fields to get involved or learn more.

H3C Healthy Potluck Dinner [Thursday | May 30th | 6:30 PM]

Let’s get together to celebrate the journey we have been on together! Whether you participated in the healthy habits or weight loss challenge, we want to celebrate with you! Bring your favorite healthy dish and join us for an evening of high fives, fellowship, and plans for the future! This will be hosted at Kelly and Amanda Wagoner’s home. Watch your email for the address and directions.

Save the Date

  • Malawi Missions Team Meeting: Sunday, June 2nd after service
  • Malawi Mission Trip: Departs June 7th
  • Pursuit Worship Night: Friday, June 7th at 7 PM
  • Blood Drive: Tuesday, June 13th from 1-6 PM

Email for information on all upcoming events!

NEeds | Prayer Requests | Celebrations


  • We need a nursery worker once a month. If anyone is interested in holding babies and joining the team, email or talk to Jessica Drinkwater.   
  • We’re looking for musicians and singers for the worship team. See Erik for more info. We need you! 

Check out this week’s Prayer Wall

Hope Ministry Partners

OMEGA Missions Poker Tournament [Saturday | May 25th | 6 PM]

Get your poker face on (again) for another OMEGA Missions Poker Tournament on Saturday, May 25, in the Annex. Join us as we enjoy fun, fellowship, and friendly competition. Concessions, including popcorn and drinks, will be available. Proceeds will be donated to Dylan Reuss to support the amazing work he is doing with Driven to Encourage Ministries.

A little more hope…

In our lives, God desires to cultivate an abundance of the fruit of the Spirit, which embodies His way of life and the essence of His Kingdom. This fruit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control – are not simply character traits but rather illuminate a life surrendered to the Spirit’s guidance.

While the spectacular displays of power gifts, miracles, signs, and wonders can captivate us, they are not the ultimate goal. They testify to the supernatural realm and the presence of God among us, but they are not the essence of our faith. The deeper truth lies in God’s ultimate desire for His children to bear fruit that reflects His nature and brings life to those around them.

Imagine a sponge submerged in water. When squeezed, it releases what it has absorbed. Similarly, when life’s circumstances apply pressure, what spills out of us reflects what we’ve allowed to permeate our hearts. If it’s the fruit of the Spirit – love overflowing, joy unshakeable, peace that surpasses understanding – then it speaks of a life deeply rooted in God. But if bitterness, anger, or impatience seep out, it’s a call to examine the contents of our hearts.

Consider a fancy car with a persistent check engine light. The warning doesn’t diminish its value but prompts a closer look under the hood. Likewise, when ungodly traits surface under pressure, it’s not a time for shame or guilt but an invitation to introspection. What needs repairing? What areas need pruning?

Living a life that bears the fruit of the Spirit requires intentionality and surrender. It’s a continuous process of aligning our will with allowing His Spirit to cultivate and nurture godly fruit within us. Just as a gardener tends to his plants with care, God tends to our souls, patiently fostering the growth of fruit that brings Him glory and blesses those around us.

The beauty of the fruit of the Spirit lies not only in its presence but also in its transformative power. As we bear this fruit, we become channels of God’s love and agents of His grace in a world parched for authenticity and kindness. Our lives testify to the life-giving work of the Spirit within us.

So, let us strive not merely for fleeting displays of power but for the enduring fruit that sustains and nourishes. Let us embrace the squeezing of life’s circumstances as opportunities for growth and refinement. And let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, who empowers us to live lives that bear abundant fruit, bringing glory to God and blessing to all we encounter.

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