reaching out

Helping our local community

At Hope Church, we are here to help people get closer to God. This happens through outreach to children and families in our community, partnering with our city and local organizations with service and  monthly financial support.

Followers of Jesus are called to be the salt and light everywhere we are!  We know this applies to our  local community in addition to the rest of the world.  Take a look below at what your giving and time can do for the people in our local community.

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Serving our community

Super Surge

Super Surge is an exciting, action packed program we do in neighborhoods of our local communities.

High energy songs, games, powerful  lessons, prizes, and lots of love for 6 weeks each Spring & 6 weeks each Fall and monthly events in between build relationships with the kids and their families.  Food giveaways for the parents along with prizes for the kids make each session exciting and helps these kids and their families get closer to God.

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Community Outreach

Saturday, August 14th.  Meet at Hope Church at 10:30am.  We will go out into our community to touch the lives of those who are barely surviving.  Many need food, medicine and hope which we bring.  We pray for all who will receive it and invite them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Red Cross Blood Drive

Giving blood saves lives.  We offer a quarterly blood drive to help the Red Cross and people of our community. Learn more about our latest blood drive and our next blood drive here.

Foster Care Support

There are many needs that displaced children have that aren’t covered by government fundings, much of that time the expenses are paid directly for by the DFACs workers themselves.  Hope Church partners with our local DFACS office by giving gift cards each month to the workers.  These are used for needs for displaced children from clothing to a meal to or even a replacement pair of eyeglasses.

Hoodies for students

Many times there are needs in students lives that teachers see but parents are unable to meet.  One of those needs is warm outer wear during the cold weather months.  We partner with the local middle school and teachers to provide spirit wear hoodies to give to these students.  

Community Giving

In addition to our own ministries to the children and families of our community, Hope Church  monthly supports wonderful ministries in our local community; Turnaround Kids and Encompass Ministriy. 

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Hope Church members serving our community!