We had just finished the demo part the remodeling of a building our church had rented for office and meeting space.  The demo is always the best part of any remodel process.  Tearing up old ugly carpet, removing walls, and tearing out old baseboards.  That only took a couple of days.  But then the building back process begins.  Over the years of our church, we have done our share of tear out and remodeling.  I know the process all too well.  On that morning to begin the process of 2800 square feet of flooring I became aware of how long this process this would take.  First the painting then the flooring, then the finishing trim, then the purchasing of furniture.   All of it came to me in a moment.  I was overwhelmed!  I have done this before and the process of doing the work and all my other responsibilities was weighing heavy on me.  Beginning the process was not what I wanted to do.  Some of the project we would hire out but some we would do ourselves.  That morning on the drive in I wanted to just turn around and go back to bed.   I am usually an upbeat and positive guy.  I am a man of faith after all.   That morning I felt like neither one of those.  Discouragement reigned!  I walked in the door, saw the two other guys that were helping and thought “pull it together David, you are the leader”.   That at least got me to the first room we were to begin flooring.  I got down on all fours and grabbed the first plank of flooring and laid it down.  Then I laid the next, then the next, then the next.  I didn’t look up until that room was done.  Several times I chipped a plank or put it down wrong.  I would just pick it up grab another plank and put that one down.   My thoughts were never allowed to say, “this is going to take forever”. I refused discouragement.  With every plank I gained momentum and with every plank I got closer to the end.  But I concentrated on that one plank to put down.  As I write this article I am sitting in my nice new office with beautiful floors, painted walls and great furniture.   The finished project is amazing and better than I had hoped.  But it took longer than expected and more work than I anticipated but it is done! 

How many times have we gotten ourselves in a mess or life throws us a curve ball?  We find ourselves thousands in debt, in addiction, marriage trouble, overweight, or any other of life’s troubles.  The thought of digging ourselves out seems overwhelming.   The thought of starting seems to be insignificant compared to what we are up against.  What we want to do and what we need to do seems like miles apart.  When we look at the entirety of a problem or situation is when we begin to feel overwhelmed.  The solution is always in the doing of the mundane work.  The non-glamourous normal work is how the problem is solved.  The great news is that God is all about the process.  He says He will never leave you or abandon you.  Invite God in the process.  He is always there.  Ask for His help and strength during the process.  Tell Him when you are tired.  Tell Him when you feel it is taking too long.  He can handle it.  But also, celebrate the wins.  I am sitting at my desk right now in an office floored with individual planks.  Each plank matters.  Every plank represents a step to the goal.  Every win matters no matter if anyone sees it or not.  They all matter!  So, celebrate every step along the way.  Even if you celebrate it quietly between you and God! 

Be encouraged!  Don’t be overwhelmed with the thing ahead of you.  Let God give you His daily bread.  Enough for today.  Let tomorrow be tomorrow.  Look down at the floor plank in front of you and do that one thing.  The things you do right now matter, and they are accomplishing the goal!