When we consider God’s incredible generosity, it goes beyond providing us with life and meeting our basic needs. We’re talking about an overflow of life brimming with variety, flavors, choices, and blessings. It’s a feast of goodness meant for us to enjoy and share. Being immersed in this generosity would naturally lead us to spread those blessings and live generously, right? But have you ever spent time with a bunch of little kids? If you have, you’ve witnessed it. No one needed to teach them how to snatch a coveted toy from another kid, exclaiming, “Mine!” It’s like we’re instinctively wired to be selfish.

But why do we hold back when surrounded by a world dripping with God’s generosity? What drives us toward selfishness instead of generosity? The answer: fear. Fear of lack, the unknown, and future demands. Fear of missing out. Fear that our giving might be misused or unappreciated. Yet, fear wasn’t meant to motivate us. We’re meant to be guided by God’s Spirit and His abundant faithfulness. Shifting from fear to faith takes time, beginning with remembering who provides for us.

Recently, at the dealership for an oil change, they pitched trading in my car. I love my car, and I have no plans to sell it. But they talked about “savings” and “security,” trying to convince me to upgrade for future protection. In the midst of their quick talk, I blurted, “Oh, that’s not a problem for me. I’m a follower of Jesus. I don’t live in fear of poverty or lack. God’s got me.” To be honest, the response surprised me. But it especially shocked the salesman, who was utterly taken aback. He didn’t quite know how to respond to the “God’s my provider” comeback. You see, he wasn’t aware that I had been working with God to pay off that car as quickly as possible, and in doing so, I had experienced His unwavering abundance. God’s lavish generosity had created a God-fidence (God-confidence) within me, and the fear of lacks grip had weakened its hold in my life.

The truth is, everything we have, skills, time, words, talents, passions, money it’s on loan from our Creator. While God showers us with resources, those following Jesus give them back daily, letting Him direct their use. By grasping the reality that it all belongs to God, fear loses grip. Recall Jesus’ words: “Seek the kingdom of God… all will be provided… Don’t worry about tomorrow.” (Matthew 6:33-34) Generous living for believers is about faith, not fear. We trust God as Provider. If fear holds us, we can’t receive the goodness He has. So, let’s embrace open hearts and hands, knowing God’s in control. When it’s about living generously, let’s wholeheartedly trust God and let go of fear.