Ministry request

Have an idea for an event?  Ready to get it on the church calendar and let people know about it?  Here are a few things you need to know: 

Timeline:  All requests need to be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance.  It will take approximately two weeks for us to process all event requests, so be sure and submit it with adequate time.  Why does it take so long?  All the calendar requests are submitted to your ministry leader and they bring them to the Tuesday calendar meeting to ensure there aren’t any conflicts.  

Promotion strategies: To keep our Sunday morning gatherings/services focused on getting closer to God, we have implemented several promotion channels/strategies outside of the announcement time slot.  We are endeavoring to allow the focus of the service time to be on opportunities for individuals to get closer to God, so only church-wide, church sponsored events will be announced on Sunday mornings.  We encourage all leaders to leverage their own contacts and also use personal invitations to grow ministry as well as using our church promotional channels (see Hope Church Communication Tiers.)  

Here are the steps and process: 

  1. Complete the form below (this should be done 30-45 days before your event, and at the minimum of two weeks before you’d like to see it promoted.  
  2. If you do not hear back from your team leader within 7 days, follow up with them.  
  3. Once you hear back from your team leader, they will walk you through what promotional strategies are available and get your event promoted!  

Thank you for being a part of building a community of hope here in this community!  Your leadership, time and love are helping others get closer to God and building the kingdom of God.  THANK YOU! 

Please submit a Ministry Request form for all events and announcement requests. All submissions are subject to approval by  leadership and staff to ensure they maintain a balanced calendar and align with the mission and vision of Hope Church.

Ministry Calendar & Communications Request

Does this event impact or involve more than 50% of Hope Church?

Where should this event be announced?

Where should this event be announced?

Where should this event be announced?

Where should this event be announced?

Do you need graphics/artwork? (Note: all artwork must meet the guidelines/social media standard)