Converge D-Now Weekend

D-Now strats TODAY! Woohoo! Be sure to read the whole page to find out important information.

It’s not too late to come. If you have a friend who wants to come, let Jessica know.

Haven’t Paid?

1.) CLICK HERE and click “Give” to pay.

2.) Enter payment amount. Cost $45 (includes conference fee, t-shirt, weekend transportation, and food)

3.) Select Retreat in the “Give to:” section.

4.) Enter the name(s) of the student in the “Note/memo” section.

5.) Enter payment information and submit payment


  • Release Form sent to parent’s/guardian’s email
  • Clothes for Saturday & Sunday (Be sure to bring an outfit that can get dirty for Saturday Rec Time/Service Project)
  • Pajamas
  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Hair Brush, Deodorant, Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Sleeping Bag/Blanket & Pillow
  • Bible (actual book please)
  • 2 Liter Drink to Share (i.e.: Dr. Pepper, Coke, Arizona Green Tea)
  • Snack Food to Share (i.e.: Candy, Cookies, Chips, Little Debbie’s)


Friday (March 4th):

  • 6 PM Drop-off at Hope Church Annex
  • 6:45 PM Travel to NVBC for Pizza Dinner & Large Group Session 1
  • 9 PM Travel to Host Homes
  • 10 PM D-Groups

Saturday (March 5th):

  • 8:30 AM Breakfast & D-Group at Host Home
  • 10:30 AM Large Group Session 2
  • 12 PM Lunch & Rec Time at NVBC
  • 2:30 PM Service Project
  • 4:30 PM Return to Host Home for Clean-up & Dinner
  • 7:30 PM Large Group Session 3
  • 9 PM Travel to Host Homes
  • 10 PM D-Groups

Sunday (March 6th):

  • 8 AM Breakfast
  • 8:30 AM Travel to Hope Church for D-Groups & Sunday Service
  • 9 AM D-Group at Church
  • 12 PM Dismissal from Hope Church

Please email with any questions

Text Jessica to prove you read this whole page to win a prize and her respect (770-815-9190)